A ROGUES Gallery of EX Cops

In early 2019, I prepared a CRIME REPORT on the actions of IAG, Lawyer Hlavac, the investigators, Joseph, Jorgensen and Fletcher along with serious allegations regarding the actions of DC Dawson. 

This was presented to the NZ Police at Kerikeri and we were told that DC Dawson was no longer a member of the NZ Police force! No details as to the reason naturally but the officer was happy to add that Dawson was now an Insurance Investigator.

As you would have seen reading this website throughout our case he had acted as an agent for IAG doing every instruction given to him by IAG’s lawyer Hlavac.

DC Dawson in action

This is a recurring theme in our case, Tony Cafe of TC Investigations joked about it with me years ago, calling these ex Police Insurance investigators, ‘The ones JOHN WEST threw back.’

The usual reason an officer leaves the force is due to them being caught doing actions unacceptable to the NZ Police, often the falsification of evidence as happened endlessly in our case.

A real rogues gallery of EX Police officers were involved in our case, in order of their appearance I detail them below.

Maurice FLETCHER – introduced the remains of the printer to the library with Russell JOSEPH on 12 December 2012 – see the Printer Page for the full details. FLETCHER was an EX Police Officer that had served at the Kerikeri station for many years.
On 5 October 2011, he formed a limited company PINZ Northland Ltd which according to it’s Business classification offered services to the insurance industry.

Russell JOSEPH – fabricated evidence attempting to negate the actual evidence of intruders  see the Back Door page. With Maurice FLETCHER introduced the remains of the printer to the library with on 12 December 2012.
On 16 Jan 2006 he formed a limited company, Corporate Risks Forensic Fire Limited and a similar Computer Forensics company.
Russell Joseph served in the police for nearly 20 years from 1986. He was a member of the Criminal Investigation Branch and reached the rank of detective sergeant. His whole family, his late father, daughter and her husband and her father all are NZ Police Officers. It is inconceivable that he would have voluntarily left the Police force.

Russell Joseph, far right, seen above at the graduation of another member of his family into the NZ Police force.

William (Bill) DAWSON, arrested me for Arson, Blackmail, several times for Breach of Bail.
He conducted the Police interview which was EDITED to frame me when I pointed out the ignition system the arrest depended on could never work. He sat through most of the hearings listening to the different evidence without comment.  He apparently took instructions directly from IAG’s Lawyer HLAVAC who had filed the Police complaints that led to my arrests. He also introduced the falsified documents that eventually to my wife and I being deported from New Zealand in 2017.
Bill Dawson was from the United States, possibly a Policeman prior to arriving in NZ. He worked at the Kerikeri Police station and had been promoted to detective sergeant prior to his ‘retirement’ in late 2017. This website had been created in June 2017 and it carries damning evidence of Dawson’s actions. My wife and I had made official complaints about his introduction of false materials leading to our deportation in 2017 and it looks likely that this all contributed to his leaving the NZ Police. His value to IAG must now be seriously diminished.
Interestingly, he took over running the PINZ Northland Company on leaving the Police, as seen below.

Now run from his home in Kerikeri, it directly links Dawson to working with Fletcher, who is listed as a current Director sharing the shareholding equally, and therefore to Joseph. All three acted on behalf of IAG throughout the investigation of our case.

Kevin BYRNE acted for IAG posing as my lawyer to talk to the Immigration Office and get copies of my paperwork for IAG who were acting to get us deported out of NZ and out of their hair apparently.
Kevin Byrne had been a Detective Senior Sergeant for 16 years before becoming a self-employed investigator in 1987. The case in this article – ‘Police rely on sleuths for legwork.’ involving Kevin Byrne has many parallels with our case.

It appears that the NZ Police rely on EX officers to work for them, these officers are not constrained by the requirements of the Evidence Act.

They have backgrounds that suggest they were forced to leave the Police probably for fabrication and falsification of evidence and they are happy to continue to continue these practices whilst being well paid by the insurance companies for doing so.

The NZ Courts then accept them as EXPERT witnesses verifying the false evidence they created – a dangerous and incestuous relationship between the NZ Police, Ex Officer Insurance investigators, Insurance companies and the Courts.