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Russell Joseph operates his company Corporate Risks Limited from Wellington, he employs Martin Jorgensen as a Computer Expert to assist as required. They work almost exclusively for insurance companies investigating fires.

BOTH of them are perfectly happy and well practised in committing Perjury and Perverting the Course of Justice on behalf of IAG.

The images disclosed in March 2013 in time for the Pre Trial provided the physical evidence that shows they were committing PERJURY or worse, usually the images, statements and the hand written notes Joseph had himself made at the fire scene.

I detail very briefly just a few instances here, you will easily understand these points.

Joseph had a major problem at the fire scene, there was copious real evidence of intruders being present a the time of the fire, forced entry through a smashed glass door, vandalised with rocks thrown through glass windows after the fire started, valuables removed, DNA of two people on cigarette butts near the barn and beer bottles containing some petrol in the barn itself which was on the path to an exit off the site across the fields behind.

In what appears to be his usual manner he created a story, I had according to him, ‘Staged the fire scene!’ This is a stupid concept when you think about it, the house was 95% destroyed but in some magical way I am supposed to have arranged evidence in the remaining parts to show that intruders had been there! It was of course impossible to know which parts would survive surely!

He then set about discrediting the evidence of the intruders, he just made up what he considered as important evidence as he went along, firstly he claimed that the back door to the property had been found UNLOCKED and PARTIALLY open, implying I think that I had left it in that state.

Sadly for Joseph, the door was photographed many times by the Police Fire Service and Joseph himself, in all the early photographs the door was locked and piles of debris inside it showed it had not been open at any time.

These images damn him, taken on the morning after the fire by DS Bindon of the Police with the fife fighters foam still in place and close ups taken later on the same day by the Fire Service.

Note the position of the ‘THUMB TURN’ lock on the images, it is locked, the door barred, in it’s HORIZONTAL position and unlocked when in the VERTICAL position.

Joseph himself took several images of the Back Door during his investigation.

Here you can see the Thumb Turn is both vertical (unlocked) and horizontal (locked) positions, the lock could still be turned, it didn’t need a key and Russell Joseph was the only person there at the time. Nobody could know the future significance he would place on the door being unlocked!

The above images show:-

1 The back door was LOCKED immediately after the fire, the THUMB TURN lock being in the locked horizontal position.

2 The back could NOT have been partially open at any time after the fire, there was a deep layer of debris inside the door blocking any movement of the door which itself appears to be blocked into the frame as a result of the fire and by debris which can be seen overlapping the door and the door frame.

3 The door did not require a key to open it from the inside, there was no keyhole since it was a THUMB TURN lock as required on a FIRE EXIT. The fact that Joseph could not find the none existent key is irrelevant but why did he make the statement about searching for the key having examined the lock?

4 The THUMB TURN was free to turn and appeared in different positions, vertical unlocked and horizontal locked on different images taken by Joseph. Only the investigators were present in this period and so they must have been responsible for the changes in the position of the Thumb Turn.

5 There can be NO significance to the locked or unlocked status of the lock on the door since it could have been locked or unlocked before, during or after the fire by ANYBODY including the INTRUDERS inside the house.

The images are damning to Joseph’s credibility but there is more serious evidence, Mr Stevens at the Pre-trial asked Joseph questions about the site examination.

The TRANSCRIPT recorded,

Q Over that three days were you involved in examining the scene of the fire?

A ‘Yes. The first phase is just a general overview of the property and its surroundings. So that involves just primarily a walk-around of the property to have a look – an ‘exterior examination.’

In July 2013, the Police disclosed a set of Scene Notes1 and Diagrams2 by Joseph, one page of these diagrams records his exterior examination where he notes the condition of the access doors to the property.

The top of this page is reproduced below:-


This sketch records the Western end of the building, West being towards the top of the page here. The external doors are shown on the diagram. Joseph lists all the external doors into the property on the right.

D2 is the back door identified on the left of the drawing at the base of the stairs, which can be seen in many of the images.
He noted here that the back door was ‘LOCKED – KEY NOT LOCATED’

He does NOT record it as unlocked or partially open.

Joseph appears to be deliberately manipulating the evidence, the door was undoubtedly locked and closed immediately after the fire as recorded by the Police and Fire Service photographs taken on the 10 September, before the scene had been left unattended.

Joseph obviously knew the lock could be operated without a key from the inside since the Thumb Turn could still be operated at that time and was in different positions during his time at the fire scene. He was the only person working there in this period, nobody could have foreseen the significance he would later place on the locks’ status at that time.

Joseph knew from his records of his initial FIRE SCENE EXAMINATION that the door was LOCKED as recorded in the photographs taken by the Police and Fire Service YET in an attempt to discredit the evidence of the break in to the property he gave repeated evidence over two days of testimony that the BACK DOOR had been found UNLOCKED and PARTIALLY OPEN.

The Crown used Joseph’s evidence about the back door being UNLOCKED as their CLOSING ARGUMENT in his re-examination, setting it up as KEY evidence in their attempt to discredit what they refer to as the ‘Break in theory.’

This FACT, that the back door was unlocked, is however, TOTALLY UNTRUE!

Almost ALL the evidence given by Joseph and Jorgensen in this case was FALSE, mostly created after the Police interview to frame me for Arson.

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  1. Randolph says:


    My name is Randolph, I’m a Certified Fire Investigation Instructor (CFII) based in Florida.

    The details of the fire investigation reported here remind me of what was happening in the US back in the 80’s and 90’s Severe legal penalties with damages awards of hundreds of millions of dollars, on Insurance companies that used these techniques followed the publication of NFPA 921, ‘Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations’ and the implementation of professional fire instructor training. It is now a very rare event due to the risks the insurance company exposes itself to by taking these illegal and immoral actions.

    That these callous techniques to avoid claims are still continuing in New Zealand and I presume Australia where the IAG companies are largely based, surprises and shocks me.
    The author of the website, Chris Robinson is clearly biased and does not deny this but the evidence he presents is unambiguous. There can be no doubt that investigator Joseph is a disgrace to the profession of Fire Investigators, a paid servient of IAG acting entirely to their benefit in a way that, in the US, would lead to him facing very serious charges and probably convictions due to his actions
    I am preparing a complaint to the IAAI regarding the actions of investigator Joseph, it will probably be ignored since that body has little credibility in its ability or willingness to deal with such cases and have only very recently and unwillingly accepted NFPA 921 as an authority on Fire Investigation.

    That the New Zealand Police aided and abetted IAG in the investigation is also undeniable, so much so that I can only assume that IAG funded the officers concerned.
    I wish you, the author, well. You have been treated in an uncaring and vindictive manner by IAG. if you need any assistance I will be perfectly willing to supply it, I have sent you a message with full contact details.


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