IAG – Common Sense?

I have stated many times on the blog and in these posts that we are reasonable people looking for a sensible and fair solution to these events, IAG have always known that we had nothing to do with causing the fire that destroyed our property.

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Hlavac’s Can of Meta Worms!

Here apparently, we have IAG's lawyer, Chris Hlavac writing or heavily editing the report attributed to Jorgensen who would later give evidence as an independent EXPERT WITNESS swearing he produced it and it was his expert opinion.

What’s more, the evidence is almost all FALSIFIED, it is not supported by any computing authorities and comprises of large volumes of technobabble obviously inherited from Jorgensen's original report!

HLAVAC is seen here interfering or creating the evidence!

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The Message is Getting OUT!

Following the Double Cross post, we have seen a steady increase in visitors to the blog.
Yesterday, 9 August, 436 unique visitors viewed over 1,200 pages of our damning information on the way IAG have handled our fire claims.
Loads of this traffic is coming through the Search engines, Google, Bing and many others and most of the visitors are from Australia and New Zealand.

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