1. Karl Hemmings says:

    I have sold thousands of IAG policies over the last ten years and hold shares in the company as do many of my associates and clients, this has shaken my belief in the company. When I read this page showing what actually happened I just cannot understand why the investigation wasn’t immediately concluded and your claims met. Reading other pages shows that the investigators created evidence, I may disbelieve your words but, as you state, the images show they lied to the Courts and frankly that is a disgusting reflection on IAG’s business policies. I am going to put a motion to the next AGM specifically asking about the business policies referring to your claim. I am sure I can get enough signatories to get it heard. You have shocked an old man who believed that Australian companies were the best in the world, clearly that is not so.

  2. Mayla Lewis says:

    I was surprised by this, I didn’t realize how dreadful life in NZ could be. I left in 2009, it was getting very tight but it seems to have broken down totally f***ed now!

    How can the f-ing insurance company not accept your claims, some guys smashed into house and then razed it. Dosent take a sherlock to figure it out its bloody obvious mate.

    Here in Cali life is good if ground sits still but you have that in NZ to, Nz sucks, IAG sucks, no justice and no law – WOW! in 2018 f***ing amazing.

    Mayla L

  3. Bessy Fitzpatrick says:

    Looks like it was a lovely house, you must be so gutted, I’d be far more angry than you I’m sure.
    Reading this I can see you have tryed everything, all you can do is just keep on going, I guess the publicity is quite small now but it will be a thorn in their side for as long as your website is visible. Eventually they will cotton on that some people are not renewing or taking out new policies due to what happened to you and then they may act. For your sake I hope it is sooner rather than later.
    Really awful, I am so sorry for you
    God Bless

  4. Bert says:


    First, I’m not Bert, my email is not bertie.bush but I do work for IAG at the head office and I need to keep that job until I retire.

    My wife and I are currently starting our holiday in Europe, I found your website after your email about Blackmail caused quite a stir last week at the office.

    I’ve spent a few hours going over your website, others have told me that this sort of thing happens regularly but I always was a sceptic, I’m no longer of that persuasion.
    I think you underestimate the importance of this page of your story – PERJURY – IAG Investigators 3, I think it is incredible when studied carefully.

    In no way am I a fire scientist, I’m an accountant, so nowhere near as hands-on but anybody with a brain can see that Mr Joseph has shot himself seriously in the bum here!

    I’m assuming that the metal structure on the pile of fire debris is actually a recognisable part of the missing printer, if it had been in that room before the fire started it would have been found very close to the floor slab in the debris, this is obvious since the only debris below the printer should have come from whatever was below the printer immediately prior to the fire, I guess that could only have been the floor coverings and desk or similar furniture that it was sitting on at that time. Mr Joseph sort of states this, ‘the lower level of the debris’ but as you point out the images show it on top of a large pile of debris.

    I can see only two ways it could have got into the position shown in Mr Joseph’s image (even if the pile of debris was caused by the fire which I think you adequately show that it was not) either it was above all the un-burnt material before the fire that burned to produce the debris which seems highly unlikely when you look at the other images of the fire scene with a debris field far lower than this pile of debris or it was placed there after the beam was removed.

    You correctly point out the metal object had not been pressed down by the heavy beam so the top surface of the printer part is level with the debris around it as one would expect to find it if it had been under the beam prior to it’s removal and this confirms it was put there after the beam was removed and before the image was taken – the only people there were presumably the two investigators Mr Joseph and Mr Fletcher!

    This is damning evidence of IAG employed investigators tampering with evidence in your fire scene to incriminate you!

    I am going to make sure that the management see this when I return from holiday and I hope it help to solve what others have called a gross miscarriage of justice but I would label as callous treatment by the management of IAG, an description that disturbs me greatly when I have worked for that company for many years.


  5. Hōne Kawiti says:


    In 2010, with a group of Ngāpuhi elders, I visited your whare.

    You will remember us I’m sure. We told you the land was cursed, he kanga te whenua, and we lifted the curse to allow you to live there in more peace.
    The land had been cursed many years earlier, it was poisoned and unsafe for people, several had died there unaware of the issues you detail.
    This action was due to the discovery that you had registered as Nga uri Maori but we didn’t ask about that.

    I also know a little of what happened at the fire, he rōpū Maori were paid to destroy your house. I’m not sure of their names but they watched the house for several days first, they knew you were going away that weekend and planned it all. Some of your belongings from the house are still to be found around Kerikeri.

    It was a local group that decided to force you out of New Zealand.
    They had no idea of what would happen to you and there have been nga tautohe about how to help you but you left before we could do anything.

    He waimarie pai


    • cjrob224 says:

      My great grandmother was Maori, famous in her day. She enlisted at 16 years old as a MAN to go to the Great War and nobody noticed her age or sex at the time. On board the troop ship she was eventually discovered. She was moved to the nursing unit and had a six week intensive nurse training on board. Served at the front line hospitals throughout the war and married one of the soldiers she had nursed in 1918, stayed in the North of the UK, had five children and lived to 84yo! I met her once, a very grand old lady with over one hundred grandchildren. My only photograph of her, with me sitting on her knee, was destroyed in the Killara fire along with so many great photos of our family life. Fire destroys so much, we lost so much not just the money and valuables, they can be replaced, the memories locked into photographs and objects collected through you life cannot. I was proud of her, sadly I cannot even remember her name, the newspaper clippings with her story were destroyed too!

      I do remember the elders visit, I didn’t understand a lot of what happened but it was moving and kind of them to come and attempt to help, I guess the curse was to protect any potential Maori residents there and I guess I qualified, I was proud to put Maori on the immigration form and saddened by seeing the way NZ treats the proud race that bears that name. Please pass on my thanks and regards to the elders, I feel I may not have done so correctly at the time, we were all so ill due to the poisons.

      We had no option but to leave NZ, IAG with he Government and the Police produced more false documents and we had to leave, deported before they came and physically threw us out.

      If you can shed any more light on who caused the fire I would love to hear, the Police didn’t even investigate really, they were paid to point the evidence at me!

      Thank you once more.

      Chris and Ali Robinson

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