Crime Report – Summary

4.1           It was established that CJR, ACR and daughter Eleanor had left the Killara property at around 10:00 on 9 September and were in Hamilton on the night of 9/10 September. No evidence or indications of any accomplices working for CJR was found.

4.2           The fire scene contained undeniable evidence that intruders had caused the fire, agreed by Fire Service and Police at the scene. This evidence included unidentified DNA from fresh cigarette butts found at the scene, these could not have been staged prior to the fire.

4.3            Rocks and broken glass on top of fire debris proving that intruders were at the fire scene during the early stages of the fire could not have been staged prior to the fire.

4.4           Following the rejection of the Loss Adjuster’s offer of around $1,000,000 in settlement for the house, valuation $2,400,000 excluding the land element, IAG went into claim avoidance mode.

4.5           RJ’s initial report dated 4 October 2011 shows the evidence of forced entry, he notes that the property was penetrated but the report also contains a large amount of misleading evidence, back door unlocked, accelerant used, scene staged and he ignores the DNA and rocks with glass on top of the debris. It also contains photographs and references to events that occurred after the 4 October.

4.6           Large amounts of evidence was then fabricated attempting to negate the intruder evidence and to support a theoretical remote ignition that appears to have been based on reports in the press about HP printers being able to be hacked to cause ignition. There was no actual evidence to support the remote ignition theory.

4.7          Based on the Hacking theory of remote ignition, CJR was arrested for Arson and other charges. At interview he pointed out that his printers were all ink jet based with no heat source or programmable control software so hacking them would be impossible.

4.8           CJR was charged and given 3 large files of disclosure. After being bailed when he went to recover the disclosure from the Police station, it had been LOST!

4.9           CJR reported the hacking allegations to his solicitor by email and on several internet print forums where he was asking if others had heard about this system. He was alerted to the HP fire publicity.

4.10           IAG’s lawyer than declined the insurance claims based on a totally different ignition method with no mention of hacking which was never mentioned after the Police interview in the case.

4.11           Eventually the disclosure was made, it is clear the reports have been edited and backdated to match the new ‘Trigger’ ignition theory with the printer modified to work an ignition device rather than the printer itself being the ignition device as at the interview.

4.12           The new evidence was designed to deal with the facts CJR detailed at the Police Interview. The video of that interview and the transcript have been crudely edited to remove all mention of hacking. There are several references to pages and paragraphs in reports referred to in the interview that do no match or exist in the disclosed documents. The Computer Forensics report seen and referred to, in the video has never been disclosed.
The only Computer Forensics report by MJ is dated 15 May 2012, a month after the interview, it has a different cover.

4.13           WD must have been responsible for or complicit with this editing, he attended all the hearings afterwards that endlessly referred to the ‘Trigger theory’ not the ‘Hacking’ that he discussed extensively with CJR at the interview.

4.14           CJR was effectively framed by this new evidence, the entire case was changed, all the documents were rewritten and backdated replacing those seen in the Police interview. The whole case had been recreated to incriminate him, no real evidence existed.

4.15           No part of the detailed ignition system had been found in the debris.
In fact, RJ would later admit that, ‘I don’t believe the scene, in itself links Mr Robinson to the setting of the fire’

4.16           RJ did not disclose the photographs he took of the fire scene until he was forced to do so, a year later, for the Pre trial. The images, as detailed above show that much of his evidence in his reports was misleading and that he, with MF on 12 December 2011, fabricated finding the printer in the library debris.

4.17           The investigators and lawyers delayed as much as possible, CJR and ACR were made Bankrupt in 2014. IAG later used this to claim that it extinguished the insurance claims against IAG.

4.18           On 18 February 2015, MJ was caught red handed, fabricating a document in his final attempt to show the remote ignition theory was the cause of the fire. In doing so evidence was discovered that proved CJR had no opportunity of causing the fire.

4.19           CJR was acquitted, he had a perfect alibi, being 400Km away and no link to him causing the fire had been discovered at the fire scene and no remote ignition took place since the printer, on which Remote Ignition relied upon, had not operated at all on the day of the fire.

4.20          IAG refuse to accept CJR’s innocence and stand behind their declination letters based on the misleading and falsified evidence of RJ, MJ and MF which is all related to the staging of the fire scene and the remote ignition theory.

4.21           IAG’s lawyers continued to supply misleading evidence to Judges in later hearings stating CJR was responsible for causing the fire using remote ignition even though this had been proved never to have happened and the theory behind it shown to be all misleading and falsified.

Background to the case
Brief Timeline of events
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