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IAG Directors face long JAIL Sentences

IAG conspired to get me convicted of Arson which the investigators actions undoubtedly show they knew that I was innocent. ‘Conspiring to bring false accusation’ is a Category 3 offence under Section 25, 2(b) of the Criminal Procedure Act 2011 punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years.

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IAG’s Roll Of Dishonour

Whilst the Directors and officers of IAG are ULTIMATELY the CAUSE of the suffering their Policy holders have felt due to the adoption of the DELAY, DENY, DEFEND strategy which is designed to put Profits over Policyholders, they don't get involved with the individual policyholders claim treatment.

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The Killara Trust

It is no wonder that Mr Stevens was so keen not to acknowledge that the Killara Trust existed since it has a legal right to pursue IAG under the insurance policy and IAG have no argument against meeting the claims of the Killara Trust.

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IAG’s Lies, Lies, Lies and MORE Damn Lies!

IAG tells a BIG Lie to Justice Moore

The evidence was set in concrete, the PC records that proved that NO PRINT COMMAND occurred on the day of the fire, would apply in the civil court in exactly the same way, no amount of contrived circumstantial evidence could get around the solid ALIBI that this evidence confirmed.

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IAG – Common Sense?

I have stated many times on the blog and in these posts that we are reasonable people looking for a sensible and fair solution to these events, IAG have always known that we had nothing to do with causing the fire that destroyed our property.

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