Like many people we emigrated to New Zealand due, mainly, to the lifestyle it offered, I had studied there in the 1970’s and taught Physics and Mathematics at a leading Auckland school for three years before returning to UK. I had loved the country then and when we we found that our move to a stunning French Château was doomed due to the lack of educational opportunities for our children we naturally looked at NZ where we knew the education system was of good reputation.

We obtained loads of promotional material from NZ House in London, almost all of which pushed the 100% Pure message. I visited NZ House and found 100% Pure was plastered all over the main display windows, the lettering was ten feet tall! A Guide to New Zealand provided by NZ House promised NO POLLUTION and it was the final factor in our decision.

A New Zealand Government site, New Zealand Now, in 2011 proclaimed that New Zealand had no pollution

Remarkably, in 2017 it still does.

I visited the immigration department at New Zealand House in the Haymarket, London on several occasions,. I had been heavily involved in politics in the Thatcher era and this had made me a target for people when I retired. A serious event, outside the scope of this book, occurred and I was charged with Blackmail and found guilty in extraordinary, arranged, circumstances. Two years later, the convictions were QUASHED and I received a generous reward from the City of London due to the results of my actions. I disclosed everything about this to the NZ Immigration Agent who confirmed it all with a call to the UK Police at New Scotland Yard during the application process for emigration in 2004.

I had a document from the UK Police stating I did not have any previous convictions which he verified during this call whilst I was there so everything was accepted. It had all happened over ten years prior to the application and agent just told me to forget all about it, the same position as the UK Police, he then re-completed the forms in the name of Alison, my wife, since she was 17 years younger than me and by doing it that way round he reduced the amount of cash we would need to deposit in New Zealand to be part of the Investor Scheme. He was extremely helpful, I collected the final document from him just days prior to our flight to New Zealand.

We had applied under the Investor Scheme, and 12 months later having completed all the formalities arrived in New Zealand – it was the 3 July 2005.

The story of the next 12 years of our life forms the basis of my book 100% New Zealand – you will probably find it highly disturbing.

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