The Killara Trust


  1. cjrob224 says:

    Thanks Alan

    I have published the letter and their LACK of replies, shaming them but they don’t really care.
    See the new Home page and Delay, Deny, Defend in Action pages to see what is really going on here!

    Chris R

  2. Alan Smithers says:

    This post is really funny in its implications!

    It seems IAG’s people are totally stupid, I guess that is down to the quality of the lawyers who chased you, persecuted you, jailed and bankrupted you, following their Delay, Deny, Defend company policy. All of their actions were hits at the wrong target!

    It wasn’t your property at all, they should have attacked the Trust but clearly they didn’t even register it, you were a simple target and that was all they saw.

    I did exactly the same when I insured my family house here in Ireland, it is also owned by our family trust. I told the rep on the phone what I was doing and they just said that was fine. They noted the interest of the trust and all has been well but we haven’t had a big claim thankfully. I called them earlier today and they confirmed that in their view I was the agent of the trust and the policy was to the benefit of the Trust. I even asked if I was bankrupted would it invalidate the policy but no, it wouldn’t be my asset so it wouldn’t be affected if I was made bankrupt.

    I guess IAG will try to ignore the position, get the trustees to write to them asking when they will meet the claim. Then publish the letter and their replies or lack of them. They will look very crooked if they don’t reply and that will be seriously damaging to their image and credibility!

    You should write this Stevens lawyer a big thank you for highlighting it so clearly for you.

    I will watch with great interest as they squirm with endless excuses – good luck.

  3. Kerry Sharp says:

    I love Trust and I guess you love lying lawyers.

    Don’t they get in a mess, new lawyer in case iffy research on previous events and in they dive, massive ego and no brain just a massive ability to tell lies. Trouble is the new lawyers lies never match the pile of previous lies and the whole pile begins to stink.

    Keep going, great website, a really well documented example of delay deny defend in action – it will kill them!

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