How IAG Cheats its Policy holders


  1. William Saunders says:

    I can only sympathize with you regarding your position, your family are victims of a profiteering and uncaring multinational insurer that believes it can get away with anything.

    I congratulate you on your efforts to expose the truth, this website is now a reference site for many others campaigners around the World.

    You have shown years of campaigning, unrelenting and probing. When IAG do respond, through their lawyers, they have to do so within the constraints of the revealed facts and this is proving near impossible so they have built a wall of silence.

    Basically, they are taking the position that saying nothing is less harmful than defending themselves but against the clarity of your arguments it just looks like they are too scared to say anything and that cannot continue when you make posts like this one. If they want to maintain their position they will need to respond but there is apparently no response they can make.

    The damage your blog is doing to their business is increasing as it affects their reputation, they know you will not stop and this site will continue to be a pain in their balance sheet until they get it removed but the damage is long term and cumulative so keep going.

    The only thing large multinationals really care about is the Balance Sheet and that is where they are weak in your case, your claims are tiny really in relation to the scale of their business, at some point very soon they will decide enough is enough and act to settle with you and mitigate the damage being done.

    Well done, I enjoy reading every post you make.


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