IAG – ‘The Worst Insurer In The World!’


  1. Earl Stoneman says:

    Lying bastards like this IAG lot shouldn’t be allowed to offer insurance at all, I had no idea Australia supported companies like this. The US has fined them so massively that they go out of business very rapidly if they keep going.

    Australia and New Zealand should learn from the lesson and protect their citizens from them by fining them millions of dollars and giving it to you and others in the same boat.

  2. We moved to Perth last year from Dunedin, best thing we ever did, New Zealand is like a snake pit where everybody cheats and lies as a way of life, trying to rip you off.

    Thanks for the heads up here, our SGIO policies are due for renewal in January, I will not be renewing them or using any IAG insurer ever again, another member of the Rotary Club of Northbridge told me about this blog and I’m pleased he did. I doubt many Rotarians in Perth will use IAG after reading this.

  3. William Gates Smith says:

    This IAG company is crooked.
    I guess they believe everything is fake but the truth is easy to see. The offer letter would be near impossible to reproduce even if you had an original to copy which you state you didn’t and they haven’t acted against you about it so I guess that is correct too. Changing the IP address is possible but difficult to skip all over the World and getting access to their server would require good hacking skills and very poor defences on the lawyers website so we can rule that out.
    Traffic on this website is growing steadily, they will be able to see the spin off traffic in all probability, you have loads of links to Corporate Risks and lawyer Hlavac, their stats will show an increase in traffic I imaging due to those links, directly and more still indirectly so they know the traffic is real and their clients and potential customers are reading the blog in thousands. Keep it going it will hurt them very badly as it grows ever larger.

  4. Angela Scott says:

    I had heard there were issues with State Insurance and the other IAG insurers but had no concept of the situation as described here.

    My heart goes out to the Robinson’s they have been treated in a disgusting manner, I am recommending we, the Auckland Community Housing make recommendations to all our tenants to avoid using IAG insurance companies from their next renewal to avoid any of them falling into a similar position.

    Overall that message will reach several thousand households in New Zealand, many on low incomes where the low premiums offered by these companies would be attractive but what is the point of them relying on a company that can act in this manner.

    I thank you for bravely publishing the details that may save others suffering your fate.

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