I Had NO OPPORTUNITY to Cause the Fire!


  1. Dennis Mansell says:

    Well done, I have a doctorate in Computer Science and can agree that your case is clear and beyond question.
    There was no print command on the 9 September and the last print command was found in the spooler file the day before, direct printing is very rare now and your PC was never set up to print in that manner.

    You did not cause the fire, the intruders did and your insurer is shown to be a toe rag – they must pay now, there is no hiding place left, if they do nothing you can skewer them royally in full view of the public in New Zealand, their business will cease to exist.

    It is great to see a resolution here, you have been tortured by this for 7 years, in the US you would get millions in compensation, I hope that happens in New Zealand too.

  2. Margarita Button says:

    We left New Zealand 5 years ago due to this sort of thing, nobody cares, dog eats dog attitude and companies like your insurance one that take wild advantage of the laxity.
    I agree with above comment by Dennis – they must pay out now but somehow I know they will not want to lose face by doing so, the lawyer called a slime ball elsewhere will not want you to ‘win’ and that could be a problem.
    Just keep publishing everything, every reply if it isn’t positive and show them for what they really are cheating bastards!

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