The Case against IAG

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  1. Edward Slight says:

    Looks like you are making real progress here, keep going.

    Legally if you are acquitted by the Criminal Court the insurer will pay out on the claims. In some cases, if they have evidence that is not admissible in the Criminal Court they will feel it could be in the Civil court and will continue to decline based on the lower standard of evidence required in the Civil court. That looks like your position.

    You state that there is evidence that this Jorgensen showed the last print command was on the night previous to the fire and this completed your alibi. That sounds perfect but you need to lay that out in fine detail, so fine even the dumbest cop or bent lawyer cannot twist it, saying there is still doubt. Do that and insurer is in a real problem area.

    Your alibi would be that you were 400Km away and Jorgensen had proved there was no print command in the 24 hours prior to the fire. I haven’t read the final court rulings but they may help you but Judges are not known as computer experts and much of this would have gone above his head. He may have called up specialist advisers to assist him but more likely he just flannelled.

    Looks like you are nearly there, keep up the pressure.

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