The Current Position – a Review


  1. Robert Buchanan says:

    I’m sure it will amuse you to know, in legal circles down here in Melbourne, a ‘lying bastard’ is now colloquially called a HLAVAC!

    His reputation is sh*t and your posts are being widely circulated – not acceptable behaviour, IAG may be a major client but they shouldn’t be able to buy dishonesty of this scale at any price.

    Good luck, I’m sure your blog will resolve the issue very shortly now!

  2. John Roberts says:

    IAG cheated you, you caught them and have published their wicked ways, well done.
    You were 400Km away, no connection except their claims and they count for nought without some proof and their Jorgensen showed that was fake news!
    Now the real culprits want your reward to show it was them, rightly so if they were put up to it by this Knox estate agent worm.
    IAG could lose their whole business due to this, I hope you crush their smug little lying faces into the dust.

    • cjrob224 says:

      It will be once we sort out the legally best way to do it. I am waiting for my lawyers to advise, gather your evidence and wait please.

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