1. John Evans says:

    John posted the following on my Facebook page. His facebook page Timeline details the issues, IAG once again not complying with the law to minimise their pay out!


    Your experience is clearly far more extreme than mine; however you might like to look on my public timeline on 28/4/18 to see my experience with CGU (part of IAG). You might also like to note the lack of real assistance from the Financial Ombudsman Service/Financial Industry Ombudsman, and the total lack of response from the Minister and the “Independent Panel to review the financial system’s external dispute resolution and complaints framework”.

    From this it appears to me that the service that is supposed to help with such matters (FOS/FIO) serves as little more than a delaying tactic and the review process does absolutely nothing (taxpayer money being used for anything but taxpayer benefit). So one must conclude that the supposed assistance service and review processes are purely window-dressing and that in reality we are being left to fend for ourselves. Is it any wonder that some will see an insurer that is willing to use such tactics as a valid target for fraud? I used to have sympathy for insurers that were defrauded but not any more.

  2. Elrich Arnold says:

    Seems you were doomed from the moment you stepped foot on NZ soil. It looks like there is open season on rich immigrants to NZ and you were a prime target. No idea about the pollution, most has been sorted here in OZ but NZ is so small and the politicians and multinationals are raping the country.
    Their gain, your loss but the publicity will wipe them out.

  3. Vince says:

    OK, I was there, watched house burn, fine grog man, me not set the fire but I now who did, they will tell all for that cash.
    You pay $250000 when insurance pays. If were arrested for arson insurance co pays right?
    You not guilty, not there. You not man forced it.
    If Police blank it what then? Selfies show action, not sure who still got em, we look now. Good evidence?

  4. Roger Williams says:

    I love your dedication, 7 years and you are still pushing for the truth, well done.

    A few questions here, the Maori in Northland NZ, are they like the Aboriginal’s here, poor as poor can be and easy to buy?
    In the settlement that you accepted the offer was far too low, even less than the original claim, no damages and no interest was there? Poor deal.
    If this maori lad came forward and admitted to starting the fire, what could they do to him?
    He doesn’t know you obviously, he was charged with some misdemeanour and those charges were dropped shortly after the fire that he started because this Knox prat offered him a ‘Get out of Jail card’ if he did. It would be easy to see from the paperwork that he was bribed, coerced.
    He may be guilty of a minor offence but YOU COULD MAKE IT WORTH HIS WHILE BIG TIME couldn’t you?
    With him giving evidence, he will know details of the fire scene that only the intruders would know, they may even have artifacts from the fire or know where they are. Maybe a year in jail at most but a payout of hundreds of thousands of bucks for the inconvenience, the family would be set up for life.
    Forget $2.5 million think $5-$10 Million and give him a bundle of cash and give any of his mates that stand up the same. You have the opportunity to get paid out fast here, isn’t it worth trying that approach?
    If they are worried that they could come forward and not get paid, they do not know you so they will be cautious, suggest they go to a local lawyer, their choice but your woman is in Kaikohe, quite close to Kaeo looking at Google. They could offer affidavits or something and get an undertaking from you if the lawyer thinks it would stand up. No risk!

    • cjrob224 says:


      You have made us think about this in a different way, thank you.

      I will have to run it past a lawyer, whilst it would be simple to offer the Reward it may not be simple to make the evidence obtained admissible and IAG will challenge every step.
      I suspect that a affidavit countersigned by St Peter and the Pope would be challenged too!

      At face value, Ian Knox saw a way out of the lawsuit and probable disgrace by coercing lads in Kaeo to destroy the house and the evidence it contained.
      After the fire his lawyer grabbed the offered discontinuance with no mention of costs which looked odd at the time too.

      The lads did the job and had a party, loads of alcohol in the house, 2 dozen bottles of good champagne for starters and a Malt whisky collection so I guess that went down really well but would they now have evidence to show they were at the fire scene?
      DNA Match would be perfect but I doubt anybody would remember if they smoked a cigarette at a particular time 7 years ago. Items from the house would need us to identify and that wouldn’t be acceptable so a bit tricky.

      Still current plan is to offer a reward of $250,000 or 10% of the sum received from IAG, whichever is the smaller + assistance with legal fees if criminal charges are placed to a max of 5% of the sum received. This is for evidence of who set the fire that stands up and causes IAG to meet the claim.

      What do you think? If anybody has ideas please contact me or post here.

  5. Kara Kaeo says:

    Tena koe
    Straight up, you put it together.
    Yeah right, my tama is a good boy but like most in Kaeo little for him to do. Trouble, this drongo Knox came to see us in 2011. He knew my boy was facing trial, he wanted to help us. It was very odd but a small town and he was in with police, a justice he said.
    He wanted my boy to help him, in return he would get the trial killed and get my boy a job in OZ. Sounded a fair deal , job was to break into an empty whare, burn it down and run. Knox swore nothing would happen, nobody would be in that weekend.
    He did it, with two bro, I went and watched. It burn sweet as. Loads know in Kaeo but not point at my boy.
    Big white whare, Waipapa, across the fields from Pungaere road, he had a map and sheet sussed out what to do. Got grog and dough too, some nice stuff from your whare.
    Knox is a dork, no trip to OZ but trial was no go so no worries.
    Boy is man now, married good up near Manganui.
    You to done by Knox – no harm to tell now, may help yu.

    • cjrob224 says:

      Thank you Kara, nobody will take any notice but it is better we know what actually happened.

      We have struggled with the why it happened question since 2011, it was always a suspicion that either Ian Knox or the NZ Government was behind it but we had no way to know.

      Obviously, you will not give real evidence and get your boy in trouble now and I know the lads in Kaeo for a tight group so they will not tell, Police won’t even look at it.
      I was told there was a party there on the night of the fire when I was on remand at Kiakohe and your comment matches that, I guess more friends came too!

      No hard feelings towards you or your son, Ian would have found somebody else to do it if you refused, no choice really was there?
      Ian Knox died a few months later, reported as a heart attack in his car but I think the guilt of the whole thing would have caused enormous pressure on him.

      We regarded him as a friend but friends do not look you in the eye knowing what is causing our whole family to get ill and say NOTHING! Had he dropped a hint in 2007 it could have saved our lives, now my family faces a future of certain pain and eventually an early death.

      He knew the water was contaminated and was even willing to sell it on to another buyer taking his commission on the deadly sale as he had done when he sold it to us!

      All our problems in NZ relate back to his illegal act of selling Killara to us whilst knowing it was contaminated and not saying a word!

      Thank you once more.

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