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  1. Sydney Jardine says:

    IAG use software and services by McKinsey & Company, they have offices worldwide, they promote delay, deny, defend as a method of increasing bottom line profit. You fell into the criteria since you fitted the delay, deny until they die model, they saw you were seriously ill and that is a no brainer for this system. It all went wildly wrong in your case, you survived the poisons to this time and seem to have catalogued all their errors, well done it may well destroy them totally.

    This series of posts can only confirm that the McKinsey system of claim avoidance is that used as corporate policy by IAG, the lawyers will be telling them that you cannot hurt them! They will believe you are far away, your credibility is zero and nobody will listen but this is not true – your story is incredible and fully documented. Companies in the US had to stop using this system after massive damages were awarded due to incidents far less vindictive than your interaction with IAG.

    I know the Australian press are homing in on this, they mostly hate IAG with a vengeance, they see the carnage left behind from these actions, families destroyed, torn apart and lives lost in the name of profit and shareprice.

    I hope this helps you.

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