Offers of HELP?

Odd isn’t it when after years of struggling alone, two Australian Fire Investigators offer assistance, First there was Phil Glover of back in April.

Sounded if he really wanted to help and he worked in NZ, I sent him all the info and asked him to comment on the Report that I have just published here – stall, stall and nothing!

then Christian Neilsen of in May,


I sent him loads of data, he did come back with some questions on the report that enabled me to clarify those points, for which I thank him, but when I chased him for a comment to put in the report I got a ‘I haven’t read it reply!’

I appreciate these guys are very busy and may be pushed for time but why offer to help if you do not want to?

Years of dealing with the cheating behaviour of IAG makes me very cynical, these guys may have been the ‘snake in the grass’ type of helper, not planning to aid me but helping IAG!

I will wait and see with an open mind!


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