Blackmail – Part 1


Blackmail – Part 1

Accusing me of BLACKMAIL was a common theme in this case.
With all the evidence I had IAG must have known that in a straight Court case they would loose so they mounted a campaign to discredit me.

Clear lies, stating the back door was found unlocked and partially open whilst loads of images show it burnt into the frame with the lock in the horizontal locked position  would have been fatal to the key evidence of Russell Joseph. IAG couldn’t take this risk!

There are two elements of this but they all relate back to the first Pre-trial in April 2013.

In that hearing, Russell Joseph was in serious trouble, the images contradicted his statements made in his reports relating to several vital areas of evidence. The most important, which have been covered in detail in previous posts were the rocks found on the balcony, the forced entry and the missing items from the house, these were all clear and irrefutable evidence that the house had been ‘penetrated’ as Joseph had stated in his first report. A break in, by a third party would remove any case against me for arson and leave IAG in a position were they couldn’t continue to refuse to accept the claim.

Late in the hearing with Joseph getting ever deeper into difficulties it was announced that he would have to leave early since he was due in Court elsewhere the next day, he ran away, tail between his legs! At the end of the hearing Judge McDonald stated he wanted the resumption of the hearing to be at the soonest possible date, it was very complicated and he wanted it to be fresh in his mind.

A date in May was mentioned and I assumed that the hearing would continue at that time I updated my blog with all the details of the false evidence by Joseph and Jorgensen and got loads of replies, many from fire experts stating how incredible it was that this sort of thing was still going on in 2013!

After a couple of weeks, we got notified by the Court that the hearing was going to resume in mid-August, this was the earliest date that Joseph was available due to his other commitments! As a fire investigator of course, he would have to respond to a fire in hours so it was hard to see how he could be unavailable for 3 months but there was nothing we could do.

We realised that with that amount of time he would come up with cover stories for most of the unanswered issues from the first hearing.

I filed a new case in the High Court based on the falsification of the evidence that the disclosure of Joseph’s images proved beyond any doubt.

Lawyer Hlavac almost had a heart attack, he tried every dirty trick that a lawyer shouldn’t ever resort to in his attempts to stop the case but to no avail, the Court wouldn’t grant a stay and he couldn’t file a defence since it was impossible to defend a case based on the sworn statement of the investigator being shown to be untrue by the images taken at the fire scene by the same investigator.

I sent a Settlement Offer which detailed the issues that couldn’t be explained, I also mentioned that these were all on my ever-expanding blog, there was no threat here since the evidence had been on the blog for months and loads of people had left comments on all the posts I had made.

The day arrived when IAG had to file a defence or in the absence of one I could make an application for summary judgment. No defence was ever filed but IAG’s tame policeman, DC Dawson arrived at our door with a team from the Immigration Office. I was arrested for BLACKMAIL, they claimed the references to my Blog updates were a threat to extort money out of IAG!

My wife, Alison was also asked to attend the Police station to answer questions about our application to move to New Zealand in 2005.

This post will deal with that discussion and the evidence that Dawson claimed to have discovered about my past in the UK. The next post, Blackmail 2 will cover the events in New Zealand that followed.

The Immigration Officers accused us of lying on the application forms we had filled in during 2004.

Specifically, they claimed that I, in fact, had a criminal record in UK that I had not declared in the application process, they stated they had proof of my record and that we would probably be deported.

I pointed out that the UK Police had supplied a document, which is required by all potential immigrants, that verifies that the applicant does not have a criminal record.

They said they had it, it was apparently a FAKE, the copy they showed to me, above, had the word FAKE in large letters multiple times as a watermark! I said the original was perfectly genuine.

I admitted there was a story behind it but that I did not have a UK criminal record, as was stated on the original of the Police Certificate.

I also told them I couldn’t reveal the full details at that time due to commitments I had made in UK but the UK Police were fully aware of my position and they had confirmed to the Immigration Officer at NZ House in 2004 that I had no criminal record.

In truth, the position is very complex. I was very well known in the 1980’s involved in Politics with Margaret Thatcher and racing my one-ton international Ocean yacht, ‘Fever’ around the British coast.

I sold my group of computer companies and retired, aged just 40, remarried and started a tiny business for some fun, thinking that I could live a normal quiet life in the Suffolk Countryside. Today you wouldn’t consider doing this, it would make you too easy a target and that is exactly what happened to me.

It was the IRA, I cannot give more detail but it was all very nasty, I was forced to do things against my will under serious threats to my families lives.I was arrested for Blackmail, the letters I had been forced to produce were vaguely threatening and several leading companies in the City of London had complained about them.

Dawson claimed that he had found two East Anglian Daily Times newspaper reports, one telling the details of the crime I was accused of and one reporting me being sentenced on each of the five charges to 4 years in jail to be served concurrently.

It is far more likely that a Private Investigator working for IAG found these in the EADT archives.

The problem Dawson faced was total silence from the UK Police when he asked them about my record, the NZ Police and even the public can now access sites where the Criminal Records of any UK Citizen or resident can be retrieved for a few pounds but none of these searches had produced anything.

The trial had taken place, I agreed that the City leaders that had all filed charges against me were excused attendance, their evidence was read in and we couldn’t cross examine them.

A large fertiliser bomb, enough to destroy the Old Bailey with a great deal of the surrounding area had been intercepted on it’s way to the planned explosion site opposite the Court on the date the trial had finally started with my agreement.

A similar device, set by the IRA a year earlier, in the City on Bishopsgate had caused massive damage as seen above.

Weeks later, in a different Court, I was sentenced to 4 years in jail but I only made token appearances in various jails to at least show I was actually serving a sentence.

I spent almost every weekend at home. I hadn’t given any details of the IRA terrorists that had threatened me to the Police and we considered it unlikely that the IRA would attack me but I was moved into the lowest level of the Witness Protection scheme.

I got a significant reward for my part in the whole event from several of the City institutions, the charges, sentence and all the records were QUASHED and I was assured that I would never hear anything about the case again, I had a perfectly clean record.

We moved house, lived there for 5 uneventful years then moved to France where we renovated a stunning Chateau but the education system in rural France is severely limited by the fact that 95% of the children went on to work in their parent’s business, farmers, bakers and café owners!

Education was really useless in these circumstances but our children were bright and ambitious. We spoke to the Witness Protection people about me returning to New Zealand with the family and they approved the idea wholeheartedly.

I applied at New Zealand House in the Haymarket, London.

The immigration Officer there was brilliant but there was one question on the form that required full disclosure, ‘Have you ever been convicted of a Criminal offence?’

I explained what had happened, called Scotland Yard and got the number for the Officer to ring.

He did so and spoke to the UK Police who had dealt with my case, they explained that the entire case, charges, convictions and sentencing had been QUASHED.

I had no Police record at all and none of those events needed to be declared in any circumstances.

The UK Police supplied the standard document stating that I had no criminal record, the reference numbers on it would immediately identify my situation when the NZ Immigration people verified the document in their normal way.

The London Officer was happy with the position, he changed the application so my wife was the official applicant reducing the amount of cash we would have to deposit under the Entrepreneur scheme dramatically and confirming that I had no reason not to tick the NO box to that question since I had never been convicted, I did so and a few weeks later we were granted permission to enter New Zealand.

This question was the crux of the Immigration case against us in 2013 but there were massive issues with the evidence.

They only had the Newspaper clippings and what I was assured was the original of the Police Certificate bearing the Fraud watermarks but as you can see above this was not the case.

This document is highly detailed, there is a complex reference numbers, telephone numbers and address details, there is also a light watermark which is printed right to the edge and two dark blue lines cross it edge to edge.

It would have been impossible for me to have forged the document and get the reference numbers that could be verified by NZ Immigration and they certainly would not have accepted our application had I supplied a document with FRAUD daubed all over it, NZ Immigration or the Police MUST have added the Fraud watermark.

After the interview nothing happened about the immigration issue until late in 2016 but Dawson is always working for IAG.

My lawyer Catherine Cull was sent further disclosure by Dawson, supposedly  the ‘Results of an English Fingerprint check for Mr Robinson.’ And a couple of NZ Police documents produced from this data.
The Fingerprint check is extremely unlikely to be a proper UK Police document, I copy it below:-

This is an extremely odd document with several serious flaws that cast doubt on its provenance and authenticity.

  1. No heading, official markings or reference numbers
  2. In my name but DOB is not mine, Stephen Jonas alias was detailed in the EADT reports
  3. Even more critical are the details of the five offences/convictions, all of them are word for word identical, the same victim being the Stock Exchange, same address, all the details are exactly the same. Now the EADT articles said there were five charges from City institutions including the Stock Exchange but didn’t name the others. The five convictions here should have been related to the five victims in the case not the same one five times.

When my NZ Blackmail case progressed, this evidence was key to the Prosecution, on 24 September 2015 they made an application to adduce (call as evidence) this material. They were asking if they could apply to the UK Police to obtain the full details as shown below.

This was in preparation for a pretrial on this and other points in 2016.

At that pre-trial the prosecution still only had the Newspaper cuttings and the Fingerprint record, they had failed to obtain any confirmation of authenticity of the data from the UK Police.

They also did not disclose the Police Certificate supplied to NZ Immigration in 2004 showing I had no criminal record.

The judge on the day ruled the evidence INADMISSIBLE since it was basically hearsay with no supporting documentation to show it was true or accurate.

At no time did the UK Police supply any document that stated I had a UK Criminal record.

Eventually, I was put on trial for Blackmail in NZ, the full details of those events are to be covered in my next post BUT the claims of the UK convictions still limited our options on how to defend my innocence in that case and once again, as is clearly obvious from the above the evidence of having a UK conviction was totally untrue.

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