Who are the Criminals here?


  1. Chris Maloney says:

    I have left this perverse corrupt country 2 years ago. There is a Royal Commission happening in Australia regarding bad conduct going on. It is undoubted the same bad conduct is happening in NZ and the governments turns a blind eye in fear of these corporates will exit the country.
    It is my perception NZ lives under a veil of threat from these foreign Australian corporate entities operating in NZ who have a lot influence over the NZ government namely IAG and others.
    if you want to be severely swindled like this poor man Chris Robinson you should not invest in NZ or migrate here.
    When I moved here on the surface it looked ok until I started asking probative questions and after being continually being lied to it became NQR from there on (not quite right)
    ‘The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over ‘.
    Goebals German propaganda Minister. I am referring to the NZ pure 100% nonsense

    Kiwi business people lack the moral compass and will take many short cuts to swindle you out of your money. I am going by experience.
    The propaganda dished out by the National Government is unbelievable.

    I was a migrant to NZ and I so regret moving here after my EQ experience in Christchurch dealing with nefarious Australian Companies and the rogue NZ Government insurer.
    They are liars and cheats will do anything to avoid liability and the NZ government of the day were complicit to allow this bad conduct to ensue.
    I really feel sad for the migrants unable to leave because they can’t sell their homes due to shoddy repairs, these homes will never be repaired properly. I blame the NZ government and the Australian insurers.
    The insurers have used this disaster to there own advantage by hiking insurance primiums making it unaffordable for the average Kiwi
    It is undoubted a lot of insurance money found its way into the wrong hands (NZ boys club). It was the good ship lollypop for a period of time for many of these clowns.
    Now the coffers are drying up and everybody is scratching their head what has happened.
    Here was lack of planning from the onset and it was farsical observing idiots going around in ever decreasing circles trying to remedy the desaster in Christchurch.
    It gives me great comfort if I can dissuade migrants and business people intending moving to this third world.
    country. After shaking hands with a NZ politician make sure you you count your fingers.
    The arrogance and truculence from NZ people that hold positions of responsibility is disturbing.
    I find annoying and sad what happened to Chris Robinson and his family and the way he has been treated. It appears NZ can’t take harsh critique and address its own short comings and will use any excuse to crucify.
    I say to Chris Robinson there should be recriminations and I do hope you get justice one day.
    Shame on NZ allowing this injustice and crime without redress.

    • Chris Robinson says:

      I am sure you are right, the politicians are the same as politicians worldwide, in it for their own benefit. In NZ opportunities are rare and the Australian corporate do not need to spend very much to oil their dirty money grabbing deeds! The main business problem in NZ is the utterly tiny scale of the market, making every dollar is vital and the rules can be ignored most of the time, nobody cares.

      The insurance companies IAG in particular are willing to do anything to avoid big payouts, they can lie and cheat endlessly, comfortable in the knowledge that they own the Police, Government ministers and the Courts!
      We too have left, why anybody stays is a mystery to me, mind you with he growing Asian influx that tend to use Asian corporate entities for insurance, banking and the like, the Australian’s day may be waning as the country changes complexion.

      Our case is a little different, in Christchurch IAG have lied, cheated in the the Dely, Deny, Defend game but with us the investigators actually were caught lying in their testimonies to the Court, committing perjury to save IAG! All clearly visible in their sworn testimony and the images they themselves took, it is impossible to deny they were just incriminating me and that they were going to great lengths to discredit us and then get us deported, delightfully, out of NZ! It gives you weapons to fight with rather than vague wrongness, both are devastating and destroy your lives!

      Please tell as many people as possible about this website, crushing IAG is a common aim for thousands of people in New Zealand, if we all work together we can destroy them and expose New Zealand as what it is a corrupt, polluted hole populated by money grabbing thieves!

  2. Tama says:

    Dat Jos guys a crook! Found a fucking silly reason not to pay out on our shed fire, you lost mega bucks we lost a bit too – State cheat the people.
    tey should be in clink and you get paid.

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