I start here with the fire itself, the events that led up to it, follow in later chapters. In most peoples life a fire that destroyed their fantastic home and all the things the loved and owned would have been the worst thing that ever happened to them in their lives, little did we know that the nightmare was only just beginning.

In these pages I outline the events that occurred, how the investigation into the fire proceeded and how we slowly discovered what had actually happened.

It didn’t take us long to realise that evidence was being produced out of thin air, the PROOF that the evidence was created is easy to see.

State Insurance, one of NZ’s leading insurance companies, owned by Insurance Group Australia (IAG) was apparently determined to avoid meeting the claims and was willing to take any risk to do so.

The resulting lies, perjury and the attempts to pervert that course of justice are all shown here as they occurred, the actual evidence is published in detail in my  book. – 100% New Zealand 


We left our stunning house, Killara in Waipapa, located just outside Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, on route to Hamilton at around 9:30 in the morning of 9 September 2011. The house was perfect, the lawns had been mowed and the gardens weeded the day before we left, we were intensely proud of the home that we had created, as you will see in these images it was truly beautiful. Naturally, all the doors and windows were secure as was normal when we left home.

We had been chaining the gate on Police recommendations following a break-in 10 days earlier, the first incident of any sort since we moved in, in July 2005. It appeared that our early return on that day had disturbed the intruders so nothing had been taken, the Police had recommended fitting a loud alarm system as a deterrent but the seclusion was the main security asset.

I had ordered an alarm system but it hadn’t been delivered or installed when we had to go to Hamilton, so I set up a webcam security system based on YAWCAM motion detection, the webcam could also be accessed via LogMeIn as detailed on Systems like this are now commonplace, on sale at the DIY stores ready to install.

Killara – A stunning New Zealand House seen here before and after the fire.


  1. Garth says:

    That’s enough for me, our apartment in Takapuna is now for sale! Sea views are great but we are only there 6 months a year and we cannot guard it in that period, insurance is crap in NZ, land is poisoned. Goodbye NZ, thank you for your brave reporting of a dreadful position – stuff IAG for us please!

  2. I have been following your blog since day one, it is very disturbing, shocking and frankly it reflects my opinion of IAG’s Asian expansion.

    The company has a very low trust rating with potential policy holders in the region, they do not like outsiders buying into established organisations and possibly bringing business practises with them that are clearly illegal.

    IAG are now trying to sell their Asian interests due to the poor performance here, several factors including to a small degree your blog have, without doubt, affected their market share, thank you for being brave enough to expose your terrible story to the World.


    • cjrob224 says:

      Wow! I didn’t even know IAG was in Asia – not seen that many viewers from that part of the world but I appreciate your support. I doubt IAG has a good trust rating in NZ either but they basically control the market so they don’t really care. We have two mailing lists, now with just 1,000 members so the word is getting out here and apparently spanning the globe, brilliant!

      • Shoaib Hussain says:

        Well the market over here is very competitive, one of the leading insurers has been cloning your blog in several languages to expose how IAG can operate, those pages get lots of visitors. I hope you do not object, it promotes your story too!

  3. Aubrey Harrison says:

    How the f*** did they get away with that? Never seen such a pack of lies, you must have really pissed em off bigtime.
    Keep on hitting them, anyone who reads your blog will be stunned and on yu side for life and int end that will make um pay.
    Yu could just kneecap the bastards, really enjoy that and leave um bledding int gutter were they belong


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