Hlavac’s Can of Meta Worms!

Here apparently, we have IAG's lawyer, Chris Hlavac writing or heavily editing the report attributed to Jorgensen who would later give evidence as an independent EXPERT WITNESS swearing he produced it and it was his expert opinion.

What’s more, the evidence is almost all FALSIFIED, it is not supported by any computing authorities and comprises of large volumes of technobabble obviously inherited from Jorgensen's original report!

HLAVAC is seen here interfering or creating the evidence!

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The Message is Getting OUT!

Following the Double Cross post, we have seen a steady increase in visitors to the blog.
Yesterday, 9 August, 436 unique visitors viewed over 1,200 pages of our damning information on the way IAG have handled our fire claims.
Loads of this traffic is coming through the Search engines, Google, Bing and many others and most of the visitors are from Australia and New Zealand.

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The Current Position – a Review

These lads could just walk into a Police station and admit to causing the fire that destroyed our house, if they have some evidence then the Police cannot just ignore them. If they are arrested for Arson then IAG are in a difficult position, they found no accomplice evidence in 2011 and they wouldn’t find any link between me and these guys, there isn’t one!

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'Caveat emptor' often called the 'Buyer beware principle' is acceptable if the information that would make the buyer aware is possible to find but again, in our case, the Government removed all negative comments in the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) for orchard properties under pressure from land owners in 2004.

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Double Cross

IAG had made an offer to settle the case, not great but frankly it was real progress. We had long discussions, should we reject it and bargain for a fairer deal or just accept it and get on with a new life. The decision was easy after almost 7 years.

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