IAG’s Illegal Actions in Pictures – Part 1


  1. John Holroyd says:

    Hi Chris,

    You may remember me from Confolens, you kindly sorted out how to do the drainage on our house in Manot at the bottom of the hill, the rain came down the slope like a flood and drenched the whole place but your scheme worked and still works perfectly diverting the water to the driveway drains.

    I came across your Facebook page and then this sad sad blog, awful, Domaine de Villchaise still looks the same and your must regret leaving it so much in the circumstances.

    I still work as a legal assistant to people coming to live in France and I think you should push for a lower sum, get something out of this cheating company and start again, it looks like they will hold on for years more and you need a break after over 7 years fighting such an injustice surely.

    You have many skills, I’m sure you and Ali will do well anywhere in the World. France is unchanged once you are away from Paris, Confolens sleeps through the centuries but is a stunning if slightly boring place to grow old, come back, you have many friends here and property prices are very reasonable right now. If you need any help in France just call me.


  2. Kim Kit Hu says:

    Such a sad story and quite remarkable!

    I worked in Singapore least year. With the support of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Central Bank, IAG opened an insurtech hub there called Firemark Labs Singapore.

    As one of the legal team involved I am shocked by the revelations made here, they totally contradict the disclosure made by IAG regarding their reputation and standards of operation.

    I am referring these issues to the MAS legal team for review, I doubt MAS would wish to expose itself to the possibility of being seen to support the illegal actions taken by IAG disclosed here.

    Thank you for your frank disclosure with all the supporting evidence, an impressive portfolio damning the actions of IAG in your case.

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