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    A couple of people have asked me to explain in more detail how the Frame worked, I cover it in the book but maybe it isn’t easy to follow so here goes, step by step.

    First – Legal definitions of Frame or Frame up
    – arrange, charge, falsely, conspire against, contrive, contrive a result, ensure a result, fake, fake the evidence, incriminate unjustly, lie against, plan, plant the evidence, prearrange, prearrange fraudulently, predetermine, trump up, use false evidence

    In the US, more colourfully called a FRAME UP – or setup is the act of framing someone, that is, providing false evidence or false testimony in order to falsely prove someone guilty of a crime.

    On the morning after the fire, Loss adjuster arrived and asked if we would accept around a Million dollars for the house claim and just walk away, I was still in severe shock and we had been offered $2.95M just a few months earlier through Ray White Estate agents. I didn’t really think nor was I in a state to make such decisions but I said no way!  I suspect this triggered all the events that followed.

    The investigation took place, it was shambolic as seen in my previous emails in this series, IAG ‘s investigator Russell Joseph, like Maurice Fletcher who did the preliminary search found nothing at all.  Getting evidence to save IAG meeting the claim was going to require imagination!


    Fire Investigation and Computer Forensic reports were produced by the investigators that detailed the imaginary method that they claimed was how I had caused the fire. These reports have never been disclosed since they contained a theory based on me HACKING the printer firmware, changing it so that when an email arrived at the PC it was printed by remote control or automatically and the printer burst into flames and caused the fire. This is the HACKING Theory – a direct copy of articles published in the Computer press on 29 November 2011, 10 weeks after the fire, mid Investigation, by Columbia University based on a heavily funded and highly technical research project.

    On April 17 2012, some 8 months after the fire I was arrested and charged with ARSON by DC Bill Dawson of the Kerikeri Police. I agreed to be interviewed wanting to find out how they had linked me to the fire. The image above is from the Police Video showing Dawson referring to a Computer Forensice Report by Martin Jorgensen, note the image on the cover of this report, three hard drives are seen here.

    The interview was very long, it started oddly, the clock on the DVD Video recording device was wrong, it hadn’t been adjusted for Summer time and we had to agree this was OK and corrections to the time where made throughout the interview as needed.

    Dawson finally explaining how the investigators had worked out how I had set the fire. There were lots of questions about hacking, hacking software being found on the PC, emails being sent and lots of related stuff to support the HACKING Theory. Dawson referred several times to reports, showing me several paragraphs of computer jargon he clearly didn’t understand.

    I should have just grinned and said nothing but the theory was all totally impossible and really quite ridiculous. I pointed out that my printers were all based on ink jet technology, they contained no heat source of any sort and that I would have a 5 year traceable record of buying ink off Trade Me for these printers. I told him the only printers on the market with a heat source would be laser printers and that some of these printers were intelligent with user programmable firmware unlike the very simple, almost crude, ink jets that relied totally on the processor in the PC. Hacking one of my ink-jet printers to cause it to burst into flames would have been totally impossible which made the whole case against me fail immediately.

    Dawson left the interview for a protracted period after this, I expected to be told I could go but he continued on. What followed seemed to be a fishing trip, just waffle with no structure to the questions, I hardly said anything. The DVD recorder then stopped due to the disk being full. Dawson explained all this to me, he prepared a second set of DVD’s and restarted the machine to record the end of the interview. I remember the start particularly since, once again, we had to explain the 1-hour time error to the system, it was getting to be a joke since we had done it several times during the interview.

    To my surprise I was charged with Arson, Dawson was noticeably nervous at this stage not the ‘cocky’ detective he had been at the beginning of the interview. He gave me three large ring binders of the disclosure documents he had referred to in the interview including the set of DVD’s I had sealed and signed. I was taken to Hamilton Police Station to appear at the Hamilton District Court the next day, the disclosure was taken off me, I was to collect it after my hearing the next day. I was bailed immediately by the Court.

    My wife collected me from Hamilton and we went to the Police Station to collect the three ring binders of disclosure. It had been LOST! I protested loudly and nearly got arrested again but I did get a tiny part of the disclosure, the Police and Fire service images of the Fire Scene. The interview DVD’s and all the reports were withheld, LOST!

    Just days later, I emailed my lawyer Andrew Hooker with a summary of the interview and the basis of the charges against me – The HACKING theory, he replied and we agreed to wait to see the actual disclosure. I still have these emails as does Andrew Hooker.

    I posted questions about printer fires on several PC and Printer Forums talking about the ridiculous accusations about me using a printer to start a fire. Some of these posts dated just after my release on bail are still readable on the internet along with the replies which pointed me to the Columbia University articles which were too close to the Hacking theory to be coincidence. I tried to contact Columbia but was told all correspondence of the articles was then directed to a firm of lawyers so I gave up that avenue of interest.

    I read the Columbia University press releases and HP’s replies, ink jet printer were specifically excluded from being hack-able and ignitable by remote means.

    In May, Andrew Hooker got a letter from IAG’s Lawyer, Chris Hlavac stating that IAG were declining the claims since the policy holder, me, had started the fire. Interestingly he stated that the fire had been started by my remotely accessing the PC which had been set up to TRIGGER a fire once the printer was activated by the PC. This has no connection with hacking, emails or anything discussed at the Police Interview, it is the first mention of the TRIGGER theory.
    It took several more weeks before the disclosure started to arrive, finally in late May, the Reports by IAG investigators Russell Joseph and Martin Jorgensen were disclosed. They contained the details of the TRIGGER theory referred to by IAG Lawyer Chris Hlavac.

    There were finally, four reports, none of them contained the words Hack or Hacking. None of them mentioned the printer bursting into flames causing the fire, none of them had the three hard drive image on the front as seen above.. All of them remarkably read as original reports and three of them were dated in 2011, months PRIOR to the Police Interview.

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    The TRIGGER theory was even more ridiculous than the HACKING theory, string tied to a switch that connected a battery to heater wire causing the fire when the string was pulled. This was achieved remotely according to this theory by me sending instructions to the PC over the internet to print, the other end of the string being taped to the paper in the printer! The most stupid, simplistic, unreliable method one could imagine to start a fire. Why use this when a simple time switch plugged into a wall connected to an electric fire with flammable material in close proximity would be 100% trustworthy and efficient?

    I was so stunned by the stupidity, I researched Fire Investigation on the internet, one name kept coming up as the World’s No 1 investigator., TV Expert and author of many leading texts and articles on the subject – John Lentini in the US. I emailed him attaching all the disclosed reports.

    To my amazement in less than a week he telephoned me, he was shocked and disgusted that reports of this unscientific nature could be put forward as evidence in 2011. He referred me to an Australian investigator he knew and had worked with, Tony Café, of TC Investigations, a respected scientist and vastly experience investigator. I sent him all the reports and information, he too was shocked and offered to work independently Pro Bono on our case, even willing to fly to NZ at his expense if required.

    THE BIG PROBLEM here that really discloses the whole FRAME was the Transcript of the Police Interview supplied somewhat later along with the DVD’s. We hardly considered them at the time since we had hearing after hearing about all sorts of trivial points but it is devastating evidence.

    If the Disclosed Reports which contained no mention of the HACKING theory, only referring to the TRIGGER theory were actually produced on the dates on their covers, how did DC Dawson ask me questions based on the HACKING Theory? Why did he not ask me about the set up of the TRIGGER theory system?

    Remember, I detailed the Hacking theory to Andrew Hooker shortly after the interview and posted questions on the internet about printers bursting into flames at that time. I can remember the questions and my replies clearly, it was the sort of totally amazing event that one never forgets.

    In the Transcript, there are page and paragraph references by Dawson to important pieces of evidence he referred to in the interview, none of these references exist in the disclosed reports, one is there but on a different page but it is obvious that the reports Dawson referred to in the interview were not the reports disclosed which are PRE DATED before the interview took place.This is a Boxed Text block. Use a contrasting background to draw attention to this content.

    There is what is commonly referred to as a Logic Loop here, Dawson asked me questions based on the Reports in his hands about HACKING and the printer bursting into flames but the Reports disclosed only discussed the TRIGGER theory and they PRE DATED the interview. This is impossible, there must be two sets of reports. The Hacking set has been replaced by the TRIGGER set  which were BACK dated to match the original reports but that leaves Dawson in deep water.

    We looked more carefully at the Transcript and alarm bells started to ring, firstly TIME records. In a DVD recording system, unlike modern digital equipment, the time overlay is added on a separate channel, anybody who has used a PC to edit video will know that the video track and sound tracks are separate and additional video tracks can be overlaid. DVD recorders work like this and a separate Time track is overlaid over the main interview when the DVD is saved.

    To protect the accused from video editing the time is recorded at the start and end of the video along with any other events such as people entering or leaving the room, this gives comparative times to the video time track and total running time of the video preventing any editing of the video since the times would then not match the run time.

     When we read the transcript the ONLY reference to the time is when the video started, the times when Dawson left and returned to the room are not seen. Most remarkably when the DVD sets were changed the transcript just says DISK 2 and the interview continues with no interruption at all. There is no end time recorded either so it is impossible to get a video run time from the Transcript to compare to the actual video.

     We sent the DVD’s to a video expert, he pointed out the above time record errors and pointed out the file size error too. On a DVD disk there is a set format for the files, all the video files, except for the final one should be exactly 1Gb in size, the final one is shorter since the video may not have ended at the point where it filled a 1Gb file. Our first DVD has three 1Gb files and one file of 850Mb, since the video continued onto a second disk all the files on the first disk should be exactly 1Gb in size. The calculation shows that 150Mb or 5 minutes of run time has been edited out of the video.

    This 5 minutes obviously includes all mentions of HACKING, printers bursting into flames etc and references to these events. The expert identified several points where the video had been edited, with a video frame not being a smooth transition from the previous frame.

    He also explained that the Police keep the master DVD which has the original tracks saved separately to enable them to edit the DVD’s on the directions of the Court to remove evidence that is agreed to be inadmissible from a video interview. This actually occurred in my Blackmail trail, a large chunk of the interview was removed  from the interview shown to the Jury but the final DVD was smooth with no jump in the time stream nor any noticeable jump in the video.

    Read More Details in 100% New Zealand

    In Summary:-

    The original HACKING evidence in the reports used by Dawson at the Police interview was replaced following the evidence I provided at the interview showing the HACKING Theory could never work. I had confirmed that the Hacking theory was the suggested method I committed Arson to my lawyer and to the public on Printer Forums immediately after the interview.

    The reports were intercepted at Hamilton Police Station and reported as lost so they could be edited along with the DVD itself in an attempt to cover up the change.

    The new reports contained a completely different set of evidence to support the TRIGGER theory used by IAG to decline the insurance claims. They were presented as the original reports, backdated to match the investigators visits to the fire scene.

    There is no progression here, the HACKING theory cannot evolve with the discovery of further evidence into the TRIGGER theory, the whole basis is totally different. The TRIGGER reports are dated to match the IAG investigators visits to the fire scene, up to 8 months prior to the Police interview.

    All mention of the HACKING had to be removed from the Police interview DVD and Transcript to be consistent as far as possible with the Trigger reports. Over 5 mins of video was edited out along with all the time references to cover over the edit. The interview transcript refers to pages and paragraphs that do not exist in the disclosed reports.

    It is highly unlikely that DC Dawson had the technical ability to edit the video, it must have been done either by the NZ Police or with their cooperation by a private contractor.

    Going back to the Definition of FRAME – arrange, charge, falsely, conspire against, contrive, contrive a result, ensure a result, fake, fake the evidence, incriminate unjustly, lie against, plan, plant the evidence, prearrange, prearrange fraudulently, predetermine, trump up, use false evidence

    In the US, more colourfully called a FRAME UP – or setup is the act of framing someone, that is, providing false evidence or false testimony in order to falsely prove someone guilty of a crime.

    By either definition this is what occurred here, I was falsely charged, conspired against, unjustly incriminated, false evidence was used all in order to attempt to falsely prove I was guilty of a crime and allow IAG to avoid meeting a perfectly valid if large insurance claim. It was a FRAME from start to finish and IAG got away with it, avoiding the claims to this day.

    Just to cover some possible objections, there was no other disclosed report containing the missing pages and paragraphs, I sent all the disclosed reports to John Lentini and Tony Café, Tony in his report lists the evidence I sent, just the four reports.  Joseph and Jorgensen supplied sworn statements and gave copious evidence to the pre-trial in 2013 they detailed almost every word of the disclosed reports in testimony, there was no mention of any other report at that time. In the light of the above, the sworn evidence was entirely based on evidence adjusted to cover the issues raised by me at the Police interview not the evidence originally put forward nor derived from the investigation. The whole of their testimony was therefore Perjury!

    Read more on my WEBSITE or get a FREE Copy of my book 100% New Zealand for the full story and all the evidence that shows everything I have said above is totally true.

    There is no defamation here, every point made above is backed up by the actual evidence linked in detail in the book.

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