New Zealand has very high levels of POLLUTION, it is far from 100% PURE. Through the years, the NZ Government has allowed NZ Farmers to use chemicals with little control. Currently the rivers are highly polluted, Greenpeace are campaigning once more to stop the Government backed action. Our land contained ARSENIC, LEAD, DDT and probably DIOXIN all of which are deadly and all there with Government approval or their DIRECT action.


THE FIRE – Corruption, multinational companies, Insurance and Banks in particular milk the people in NZ. They ignore the law, they just look to increase their profit with no care for their customers. In our case Insurer IAG refused to meet our perfectly valid insurance claim when vandals broke in and destroyed our home by fire. ASB bank certainly assisted them to avoid meeting the claims.


New Zealand has very high levels of violence, the country is strangely very poor and this causes high levels of jealousy and strife in the society add in racial stirring by activist groups and you have a country where most people would hurt you to get one dollar. Domestic violence is the highest in the world, a lot of serious crime goes unreported, drugs are widespread and the Police force underpaid and heavily involved.

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    Suraya Robinson November 2, 2017 (10:33 pm)

    Reading the book published by CJR