New Zealand has very high levels of POLLUTION, it is far from 100% PURE. Through the years, the NZ Government has allowed NZ Farmers to use chemicals with little control. Currently the rivers are highly polluted, Greenpeace are campaigning once more to stop the Government backed action. Our land contained ARSENIC, LEAD, DDT and probably DIOXIN all of which are deadly and all there with Government approval or their DIRECT action.


THE FIRE – Corruption, multinational companies, Insurance and Banks in particular milk the people in NZ. They ignore the law, they just look to increase their profit with no care for their customers. In our case Insurer IAG refused to meet our perfectly valid insurance claim when vandals broke in and destroyed our home by fire. ASB bank certainly assisted them to avoid meeting the claims.


New Zealand has very high levels of violence, the country is strangely very poor and this causes high levels of jealousy and strife in the society add in racial stirring by activist groups and you have a country where most people would hurt you to get one dollar. Domestic violence is the highest in the world, a lot of serious crime goes unreported, drugs are widespread and the Police force underpaid and heavily involved.


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    Alonso Martínez March 27, 2018 (5:09 pm)

    I have studied the information on this website with great diligence, it is a well constructed report of a gross miscarriage of justice. The evidence supplied is self supporting, basically being the photographic record of the investigation and the somewhat contradictory testimony given, under oath, by the same investigators that took the images.

    The insurance company IAG has clearly and very methodically, constructed a case against it’s policy holder, Mr Robinson, to avoid meeting their legal responsibilities under the policies the policy holder took out in good faith.

    It is shocking and highly disturbing that the New Zealand Police and the legal system seem to accept anything the insurer states without question whilst the policy holder was falsely charged with arson to allow the insurer IAG to continue to repudiate the claim. It is also apparent that the New Zealand Police officer in charge of the case, DC Dawson, was controlled by the insurance company and acted at all times in their interest.

    That these events happened in New Zealand, a highly regarded country with pretensions of being a leading world nation rather than a third world nation such as Nigeria or Libya is quite extraordinary.

    In the circumstances, the website, probably represents the best approach to resolving the issue. It is a permanent record of the actions of the insurer that over the years, by revealing their illegal actions, will create an ever increasing issue for the insurer. The inevitable loss of public confidence on which insurance companies depend to maintain their revenue levels will cause IAG significant issues and difficulty in maintaining their market share. To this end, I am forwarding the details of the website to all company representatives who, I am sure will be as appalled as I am by the events that have happened here and they will also increase the publicity about them.

    I trust that you, the Robinson’s are recovering well from your ordeal in New Zealand, I hope my actions assist you, I am sorry that I can not take more direct action but we have no presence in Australasia.

    Alonso Martínez

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    Mike Cummins April 27, 2018 (2:47 pm)

    Thank you so much for sharing your horrible times in New Zealand, the more I read the more life here makes sense! It is all a big cover up, they will not accept any criticism, they do not look outside the country fr anything. Been in Auckland for almost a year, we all hate it! Apart from the weather it is all S**t, the people are so competitive, they cannot drive never looking further than a few metres in front of their car, hostile and often stoned out of their heads! TV full of rugby and news to show NZ is great but no real international interest, it is like living on Mars! Mind you the Martians would probably not be addicted to Rugby!

    We struggled to get insurance, finally insured everything with State but going to change that now after this read and we plan to work to get out of NZ as fast as possible, your story confirmed the decision and I know several others whom I have spoken to about it and they are all looking to leave now.

    Good luck and thank you once more!

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    Alexis Hall April 29, 2018 (6:23 am)

    Fascinating site, I work in Zurich, an international Insurance adviser to large multinational companies mainly. Currently I’m looking at the New Zealand economic position for a client and I came across your site on Google.

    You are being given the Delay, Deny, Defend treatment in spades, I didn’t realise this sort of thing still went on, massive damages in the USA and Europe deter insurers from this behaviour now and policyholders get a far better deal. I feel that I may be able to offer you some assistance, Pro Bono, so no cost or risk to you.

    The insurance company will not talk to you, they employ lawyers to isolate themselves from this behaviour. The lawyers will have no morals, they are just paid on the value of the cases they block and do it without involving the insurance company itself in any important decisions. It is useless trying to argue with them, they will just revert to the Courts and out gun you endlessly and for years and years if they get the chance.
    This seems to be the position you are currently at, it will seem like a lost cause but the website shows you are behaving in a very logical manner, still angry and want to get the payment you deserve from your insurance policies. It is abundantly clear that you were not involved with setting the fire here, they have no evidence against you and their attempts to falsify the evidence failed to get you convicted so now they have retreated into a no contact shell attempting to leave you with the only options of going through the Courts or doing nothing. There is however a third, simple option.

    You have to get to the Company itself, they are a listed company which will have a publicly visible Board of Directors, mostly notable people of reputation that serve as Non Executive directors to make the company look more respectable and trustworthy to the shareholders and more importantly prospective shareholders. They get remuneration but many of them will not be interested in any actual decision making, literally non executive! However, since the Exxon issues, non executive directors have been placed in a different and onerous position in respect of responsibility due to the actions by the companies they serve which are illegal, fraudulent or dangerous to the public.

    I suggest you write a brief summary of the case and the way you have been treated, send it to all Board Members and then ask the individual directors to reply to you stating if they condone the behaviour of the company and that you will take a no response to the request as a positive reply. You can then publish the letter and the replies, if any, on this website so that the shareholders can see that the Board of Directors support the company in taking actions of this sort and they are therefore done with full Board approval. That approach has worked well in Europe and I can see no reason it would not do so in the same manner in New Zealand. There is no threat in these actions you are merely asking if the actions taken by the company are done with full Board approval.

    I trust this helps, I have also emailed you so that you can reply directly to me with any questions, your position is the most extreme I have encountered and I am happy to assist you.


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      Manny Godfrey May 3, 2018 (9:53 am)

      They right! One cheating company, State Farm here in the US got really hammered by damages and loads more were slammed – tons better now.
      Go for it boy, you have been really f**ked by these guys, what they say here is sweet man.